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About 2,179 Miles

Thanks for stopping by my Long Distance Adventure Journal 2,179 Mile Journey featuring my 2011 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and other forthcoming adventures.  My hope is that you will enjoy, and perhaps learn from, my experiences in the wilderness. Check back for information on outdoor gear, local hikes, and entertaining stories about my thru-hike.

Author Info

 My name is Sam and I currently live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I graduated from the  University of Florida in December of 2010 and shortly thereafter embarked on my 4.5 month Appalachian  Trail thru-hike. Since 2007, I have worked as a whitewater river guide, Wilderness EMT, and most recently a  paramedic. In the coming years, I hope to take my experiences in the wilderness and medical training overseas  to work as a missionary medic.


 “Fuzzy Navel”


One Response to “Author Info”

  1. Barbara Mennel Says:

    Hi Sam,

    I love your blog! It reminds me of hiking in Corsica, the Pyrenees,Alsace and all kinds of other places, when I was younger. I particularly loved your description of the ponies liking you because you appear as a giant walking salt stick! Good luck and good wheather!

    Barbara Mennel

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