How’d you stumble across my journal?

Here’s an interesting little sample of some of the search terms people typed into the Google search engine that led them to my thru-hike journal. Upon reading this list of various words and subjects, I was surprised at some of the ways people found my blog…

  • “Fuzzy Navel Appalachian Trail” -by far the most common phrase used to locate my journal; this one I understand
  • “how thru-hikers take baths” -I will admit that I searched about back country hygiene too. haha.
  • “2013 trans-am” -apparently I am now a Pontiac dealer?
  • “hot thru hiking girl” -why, thank you!
  • “annie hairy navel” -who is annie and why is her belly button so hairy?
  • “mounth blank forest” -mounth…mounth…what is this?
  • “man standing on cornice” -interesting…too bad I’m a WOman!
  • “top 100 pictures that changed the world” -I can’t complain too much about that search term. Glad to see my adventure ranks among the highest.
  • “cairn wildlands nero” -what does the evil emperor of Rome and CD burning software have to do with hiking the Appalachian Trail?
  • “backcountry medicine” -now that’s more my style!
  • “easy and difficult” -I’m so glad to see that when people want to know the personification of easy/difficult they will come to find that it’s thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • “mel gibson ‘stay the course'” -someone’s been watching The Patriot. Hey! That’s an idea.. hike the AT with gear from the 1770s. Okay, that might suck.. that might suck A LOT.
  • “washington crossing the delaware” -for some reason my journal keeps linking back to Revolutionary War heroes… I guess that’s pretty cool?
  • “erwin, tn hippy food”
  • “mil lidel poni” – what!?

From this point on… the search terms just get weirder!

  • “sometimes I get a ravenous hunger” -one of my entries is titled “ravenous hunger;” although, the person that typed this into Google was probably the person that typed in the very next search term below…
  • “thru-hike weed” – yeah, that guy in that last search term probably had the munchies?
  • “fat hikers blizzard sad” -if you keep responding to those munchies you will end up a “sad fat hiker”
  • “using shetland ponies”
  • “palmerton, pa construction worker with pink tools” -the trail crossed by Palmerton, PA; I’m not sure what it has to do with pink construction tools, but cheers to that one brave man at the construction site!
  • “maniac mullet fishing lures” -not sure how this links to my journal, but at least I can count on my audience of red necks and avid mullet anglers.
  • “hairy navel annie” -I’m really starting to feel bad for this hairy-stomached Annie, whoever she is?

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