Photographic Evidence

It’s been a while since I have posted any photos from our journey. Please enjoy!

The crew spending some time at Tom Levardi’s in Dalton, Mass. I gave them all mohawks and mullets for fun!

Maniac, Legion, Fuzzy Navel, Burly, Tom Levardi

Vermont State Line, whoops, the camera was a bit out of line : )

Summiting Mt. Moosilauke in New Hampshire; this is the commencement of the Whites

Mt. Lafeyette in White Mountains National Forest, New Hampshire

Triumphant we stand after reaching the cornice on Mt. Washington; July 20, 2011

Sweet, sweet glory to finally reach Maine. The 14th. and final state of our journey!


2 Responses to “Photographic Evidence”

  1. You guys got really lucky to summit mt Washington on such a nice day.. That’s really rare to see blue skies up there. Congrats on making it to Maine!!!

  2. Nice photos and journalism! Glad you are back on the trail and almost through!

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